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Creating a Feasting Table with te Pa Wines

In our latest Homegrown Series blog, we've got all the tips you need to create your very own feasting table. 

Is there anything more enjoyable than sharing a big table, full to the brim with gorgeous food, fine wines, and fresh flowers? You've probably seen feasting tables, or shared platters, all over your social media feeds lately (check out Your Platter Matters on Instagram for major inspiration), so we think it's the perfect time to share our top tips for creating a feasting table that will have all of your guests talking: 

Go local: the provenance of products has never been more important, so whenever possible, try to home-make your snacks, or head to the local farmer's market to get a selection of cured meats, fresh veggies (hot tip; try pickling your own carrots, radishes, or cabbage), artisan cheeses, and locally sourced nuts. 

Choose quality over quantity: pick a few good quality, hand-crafted cheeses and carefully cured meats, rather than bulk packets. Your guests will appreciate the care you've put into selecting all of your food and wine! 

Be generous but relaxed: feasting tables and grazing platters are all about organised chaos. Make the most of the large cheeses by placing them first on your platters or table, then scatter your crackers, sliced bread, meats and dips around the cheese. 

All the trimmings: After you've organised your larger foods, go in with generous handfuls of scattered almonds or walnuts, little pots of honey, and fresh fruit (go seasonal; we love figs, persimmon, plums, cherries or strawberries, depending on the weather). 

Don't forget the flowers: bring your feasting table to life with some fresh and cheerful flowers. The brighter the better! Flowers and various vases and jugs can also help to create different heights and textures, which will add extra interest to your feasting table. 

If you want to try your hand at creating a feasting table for your next get-together, here are some useful blogs that we're loving for inspiration: this one is great for wedding feasts, we love this post for tips for going the extra mile, and of course, who doesn't want to know more about creating grazing platters

What are your best tips or tricks for creating a table of food and drinks that people can't help but snap photos of before they start eating and drinking? Head over to our Facebook or Instagram page and share your platter secrets in the comments. 

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