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Customer Reviews

"There it is, I opened it here in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 this evening. It’s golden in colour, has a nose of spicy toast initially then developed into tropical paradise. On the palate acidity is holding up really well with an integrated taste of passion fruit, mineralogy typical of NZ’s terroir and then a bouquet of white flowers. However after around 30 minutes the aroma developed to something that reminds me of Manuka honey. Sublime and holding up well so far." (Jonathan, Wales, reviewing our Sauvignon Blanc Oke, April 2019). 

"The Pa Road Sparkling Rose is divine especially in summer with a cheeseboard and good company. Great prices on freight throughout NZ and congrats on the Gold." (Rebecca, New Zealand, reviewing our Pa Road Sparkling Rose, March 2019). 

"Loved finding these beautiful wines in Santa Cruz, CA! Coincidentally we may get to visit your winery in January. So excited to see New Zealand!" (Tricia, September 2018). 

"The Oke is an outstanding wine, a very decadent sav indeed." (Ross, June 2018). 

"Would love to see more of your wine in Ontario, Canada. Your '15 Pinot Gris was amazing!" (Valerie, March 2018). 

"My first time I took the Te Pa, Sauvignon Blanc, I was very impressed about this wine. I tried the Sauvignon Blanc, at Fox Harbor, Nova Scotia, Canada.
I hope I will be able to buy the Pinot Gris and your Sauvignon, one day." (Elen, August 2017). 

"Just love the Sav. It's my favorite wine to drink." (Cherie, June 2017). 

"Pinot Gris is the best!" (Angela, May 2017). 

"First time having this white wine so easy to drink with food ..and continued to have another bottle with a friend in the bar so yum." (Louise, July 2017). 

"The best wine on the market. An Awesome company, very kind people with big hearts. 100 percent recommend this brand." (Pascal, October 2016). 



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